Shopping Disorder: Shoppers needs Attention! You’re in danger!

Shopping Disorder: Shoppers needs Attention! You’re in danger!

If you want to go shopping, everyone will be happy. Especially women and children do not say. People who are paralyzed at home are excited to have the opportunity to go out shopping. Excitement and freshness will be aroused as we are going to buy the favorite of the mind.


But going shopping too often and hoarding something that is not needed to a kind of mental disorder called ‘shopping disorder’. Not only can this, with the help of good shopping you save a lot of money. Those who keep buying and stockpiling goods will become addicted to shopping. Such people will continue to spend without thinking about money. Shopping can become a money-losing hobby for them. If they do not adjust their mood in the beginning, it will be very difficult to bring them back to normal.


Lucknow-based psychiatrist Nanu Singh said, "There can be many reasons for a person to go shopping. Some people have a habit of buying everything in one place. Such people can often go to a particular shop or market. That is not problematic. Knowing the need and buying things is different. Giving away unwanted items is different. There is a lot of difference between the two.


Both men and women are interested in shopping. But relatively women are more likely to face the problem of shopping disorder. This may be due to the fact that Aladdin is fond of certain products. They will buy it more often than not. This tendency can adversely affect mental health,”he said. The following characteristics will help you to find people who are addicted to shopping.

* They have the speed to keep buying something.

* For a while after shopping, the joy of getting rid of stress will appear.

* Credit card holders will not be billed for items already purchased. Or have purchased and stockpiled items for a fixed amount on the card. But what new product can you buy. ??? They will keep thinking that.

* Will show more excitement than others when buying favorite items.

* They will not worry about it when they buy unwanted items. They will be stubborn enough to buy whatever they can get their hands on.

* If you do not have enough money to go shopping, do not even hesitate to borrow from others. At the same time they will not be interested in repaying the amount purchased.

* If you encounter any stressful brush, go shopping to recover from it or forget about it.

* Even if they have already set an amount and gone shopping, they will continue to spend generously beyond the budget and shake hands.